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There’s nothing trivial about this pursuit

Residents at our Holy Cross nursing home in Sunderland have been honing their competitive side with a classic board game that everyone was playing in the 80s and 90s.

The revival of Trivial Pursuit at Holy Cross has been very much welcomed by our residents.

Getting together in teams, there have been quite a few good-humoured challenges and everyone seems to be having just as much fun as they did in the game’s heyday.

“We loved it when the board games came out at Christmas,” said Sister Jude, “and Trivial Pursuit was one of the most popular. We’re loving our challenges. It keeps us on the ball.”

And for those who preferred their challenges to be a little less taxing, there was knitting, baking and simply enjoying being a spectator.

There are quite a few different editions of Trivial Pursuit with literally thousands of questions, so that might keep everyone going for a while!