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Our residents celebrate as caring faces are seen again

Mary and wellbeing coordinator

Residents in our nursing homes raised their cuppas in a toast to the first day for nearly three years that our carers and staff have been able to work mask free.

Masks were introduced in our homes in 2020 as one of the barriers to protect our residents against Covid-19 infection, but new guidance from today means they are no longer mandatory.

“With the vast majority of our staff and residents being fully vaccinated, we feel we’ve done everything we can to manage the day-to-day risk of Covid infection,” said our Director of Nursing Homes, Gill Ennis. “Our residents will benefit so much from the freedom and sense of normality that comes from seeing our friendly faces.”

“It’s wonderful to be able to see people’s faces again,” said Mary, “and to see their smiles. I’ll definitely enjoy my chats even more now.”

Santa must have been listening to everyone’s Christmas wishes.

Mary and wellbeing coordinator