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No sur-pies our residents excel at baking

Some good old fashioned baking had residents at our St Catherine’s nursing home in Newcastle chatting away about the times they would bake for their families.

With the help of our nursing home Cook, Vian, our residents made delicious plate pies from scratch, filling them with corned beef and potato – a favourite they had made and served up many times before.

“I remember having to make several pies because my family wanted one each,” said Eveline.

Fellow resident Lorraine fondly recalled her pie-making sessions, too. “I made lots of different pies and there was never a crumb left,” she said; while Nancy added, “I had eight children and a husband to feed, so I think I could make pastry in my sleep!”

The lively baking session was a massive hit, but it wasn’t all chat and no work. The baking session produced a selection of first-class pies that were served fresh from the oven for each resident to enjoy for tea.