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Everybody say ‘Cheeeese’

Maureen and Fr Alec

Holy Cross have been enjoying a taste of the finer things, this week, as our Sunderland nursing home hosted a brie-lliant Cheese and Wine afternoon.

Residents were treated to a choice of red or white wine as they took their pick from a range of different cheeses. Based on their reaction, they clearly thought it was a grate combination.

One of our residents, Maureen, said: “Cheese is definitely one of my favourite treats, although I did forgo the wine on this occasion for a nice apple juice. I heard from the other residents it was a lovely tipple, though!”

It certainly seems our residents’ view on cheese and wine is ‘the more the feta.’

Maureen and Fr Alec
Maureen and Fr Alec sampling our finest cheeses and tipples