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Doll therapy recalls the bliss of motherhood

Holy Cross Nursing Home Doll Therapy

As Mothering Sunday approaches, residents at our Holy Cross nursing home in Sunderland have been recalling the blissful days of motherhood.

Residents living with dementia in our nursing homes often find comfort through doll therapy sessions with our staff, revisiting a time when they enjoyed nurturing and raising their families.

Holding and looking after the dolls helps our residents to experience positive and happy memories and to recall with our staff the sense of achievement they felt as their children grew year by year into adults.

“Our residents living with dementia can often experience periods of upset,” said Holy Cross manager, Matthew, “and doll therapy is such a successful way to help our residents to feel more settled. At this time of year, especially, seeing our residents enjoy doll therapy gives us all a poignant reminder of what amazing people mothers are.”

Holy Cross nursing home doll therapy