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Dementia Awareness Week – our supporting champions

Female carers in uniform

During Dementia Awareness Week we want to highlight the incredible work our Dementia Champions do in our nursing homes.

Our Dementia Lead, Dr Ruth Cromarty heads a team of dementia champions in our nursing homes – Holy Cross in Sunderland and St Catherine’s in Newcastle – who have chosen to enhance their day-to-day role by gaining dedicated skills, knowledge and practice designed to support people living with dementia.

Our champions are then able to share the detailed knowledge they gain from working closely with our residents with our care teams around the home to enhance and improve their personalised care package.

“Observations based around the skills learned in their dementia training have helped to drive changes in a number of ways,” said Dr Ruth. ‘’As our dedicated dementia champions work so closely with our residents, they are able to quickly identify and share innovative changes that we can put in place to optimise the wellbeing of everyone we support who is living with dementia.’’

As well as supporting residents living with dementia, our dementia champions also play a key role in supporting families by helping them to gain a better insight into the condition, understand resulting behaviours and carrying out reviews to discuss changes in support needs.

“When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia it can be the family’s first experience of the condition,” Dr Ruth added. “Our dementia champions are able to share their knowledge and provide emotional support throughout their loved one’s experience of living with dementia.’’

Female carers in uniform