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Back to school for our residents

As youngsters head back to school, residents in our St Catherine’s nursing home in Newcastle took a trip back to the classroom, too.

With a simple game of ‘What’s in your school bag’, our residents travelled no further than their spacious lounge to compile a fun list of all the things they remember having to carry to school.

Running through the alphabet, the A-Z of school items remembered from the times they were children and then parents raised quite a few fond smiles for our time travelling residents.

Eveline, for example, enjoyed sharing the enthusiasm of her musical young son.

“Of all the instruments my son could choose at the age of six, he had to choose the cello. It was bigger than him!”

It was agreed that students carried much heavier bags in those days, too, with text books, cookery ingredients and games equipment sometimes being needed all on the same day.

“It kept us hale and hearty,” said Eveline.

Eveline reminiscing with Zaeley